Saturday, November 7, 2009

trick or treating for canned goods

This could be done dressed up or not.  Make it a scavenger hung (we had 3 teams).  Have food on your list that could be used to make Thanksgiving baskets to be donated to needy families. 

After gathering the canned goods, create Thanksgiving baskets and deliver to the Bishop for him to deliver to the needy families in your ward.

--Jamie Richards

Friday, November 6, 2009

Patriarchal blessings

As a combined Young Women activity have dinner with the Stake Patriarch and his wife.  Following the dinner have the patriarch speak to the girls about patriarchal blessings.


**Personal Progress-Individual Worth #6**

-Cathy & Amanda Bussey

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Personal Progress & PJ’s

As a class activity have a Personal Progress in PJ’s night.  Teach girls to make their own pajama bottoms and then work on personal progress goals. 

**Personal Progress Knowledge #2**

--Cathy &  Amanda Bussey

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YW at the museum

We planned a Saturday activity with our YW at a museum.  We sent one member of YW presidency to the museum where she bought numerous postcards depicting the different sculptures and art.  Two weeks before the activity, we passed these cards out—one to each YW who would be participating.  It was up to her to red up and research “her” piece of artwork.  Then, on Saturday, we went to the museum and we toured, the YW recognized “her” artwork  and gave the rest of us report on it.

submitted anonymously—thanks!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scavenger hunt at the public library

Take your young women to the public library for a scavenger hunt.  Pair the girls up and turn them loose with a list of information to locate.  They were allowed to ask the librarian one question.  Some of the things they had to do were: 

  • locate a book by its call number and write down the title and author
  • find a certain book by a certain author and read it aloud with their partner
  • find out how many books in the library contain a key word
  • list the dates and times for story time
  • list fines for overdue books
  • count how many different newspapers are available in the library
  • list 3 books written by a certain author, etc.

Each answer was certain amount of points.  The tie breaker was extra points for those who had a library card of their own.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Service Auction

submitted by Krichele

*Have all the participating YW choose 2-3 services they will be willing to do for the buyer, and print the service with signature below on one side of a 3x5 card. On the reverse side, have them print their (full) name and phone number. They may embellish if the want to. Multiple numbers of the same service are fine, but only once per YW. (So, Lulu can do babysitting, and so can Katie.)
*Have all participating YW choose 1-2 treats they can provide for the auction. (I.E. brownies, cookies, beverage mix, recipe in a jar.)
*Make blank name cards out of stiff card and popsickle sticks for the RS sisters. They can put their names on it as they walk in.
*(Optional, but very useful) Make a list of the services offered (I did it by catergory) and who is offering them. This way the RS sisters can decide what they want before hand and save their "Points" for the item they want most.
*Create a questionnaire for the RS to fill out. (THis is how they get points to use as "Money")Include service-oriented questions, i.e. Made a meal for a sick friend-10pts. 2pts for each sister you visit-taught for the past month. 15 pts for carpooling to this activity. 15points if you visited the temple this month. Also include silly questions. 5 points if you brushed your teeth today, 5pts if you play a musical instrument, 10pts if you said "I Love you" today, etc. (Suggestion, bump down the points of non-service or church related activities)If you are few in numbers, it may be a good idea to double or even triple their total points for attending the activity.
Night Of:
*Spread out the auction items on a table in the front of the room (cards and treats) for the RS to browse through before you start.
*set out the cards and markers just outside the door so the RS sisters can write their names as they go in. Also hand them each a questionnaire to fill out while waiting to start.
*When you are prepared to start, have an auctioneer and a "Vanna White" ready to start the auction. have "Vanna" hold up the card, describe the service and name the girl who is offering the service. (you can do the treats at the beginning or spread them out in between the cards) Start the bidding at 5 points (or more for the good ones,)Then it should just take off. You'd be surprised how badly some of those mothers want free babysitting!
Definitely encourage the girls to get to know the ladies who bought their services.
(Oh, and you should have someone keep track of who buys what, so the YW can contact their person)
I hope this makes sense. Feel free to rewrite it. And there are places online-that's where I got the idea-that tell you how to do it as well as ideas for the point questions and service ideas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the fruits of their labors

Decide on a goal, hours of service, scripture reading, etc. and have the girls earn parts of a dinner by completing the goal.  A certain number of chapters equal your beverage or salad.  More chapters equal your main course.  Have participant earn each of their utensils and plates.  At the end of the given time limit have a dinner at the church or leader’s home where everyone is rewarded with the fruits of their labors.