Wednesday, April 20, 2011

127-10 hour project ideas

I came across this list somewhere on the internet…I wish I would have noted who created it because it is an awesome list. 

127—10 Hour Value Project Ideas

Temple projects

• Do baptisms for the dead for 10 weeks

• Name extraction

• Volunteer to work on temple grounds

• Prepare family names for temple work

• Make white hair scrunchies for the temple

Family history

• Family genealogy classes

• Record family stories from family members and compile family history

• Type up old family journals

• Compile a family recipe book

• Organize family photo albums complete with captions

• Compile a family testimony book

Personal history

• Write your own personal history

• Keep a journal for 6 months

• Compile your own works of art, photography, poetry, or other accomplishments

• Make a book of remembrance

• Type up your old journal entries

Arts and crafts

• Create a work of art

• Take an art class

• Make a portfolio of art you have done

• Teach a class

• Write and illustrate a children’s book

• Organize and carry out an art fair

• Make a scrapbook

• Learn a new craft

• Enter a contest


• Sew and tie quilts

• Sew an article of clothing

• Alter your clothing to be more modest

• Sew a value pillow or quilt

• Sew scripture bags

• Sew your own prom dress

• Sew your own temple dress

• Sew finger puppets for children in the hospital or homeless shelters


• Compile recipes for a cook book or recipe box

• Cook meals for your family

• Learn how to make bread and donated it for the sacrament

• Learn how to can


• Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

• Adopt a family for Christmas

• Organize and carry out a blood drive

• Do service for the wives of the Bishopric

• Collect items for soldiers over seas

• Plan and carry out a carnival for primary children or children at a homeless shelter

• Tutor someone for free

• Humanitarian aid on

• Volunteer at the hospital

• Keep a journal to log service experiences

Young women

• Be the Young Women historian

• Make something for the other Young Women

• Take charge of New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence

• Be a youth leader at camp and make a real effort to prepare for it

• Make a monthly newsletter for Young Women’s

• Make Personal Progress reminders for Young Women’s

• Organize and present a modesty fashion show


• Hold a Conference party

• Start a scripture study or discussion group

• Organize and carry out a surprise birthday party

• Make something as gifts for your friends

• Start an interest group

• Organize an alternative post-Prom party

• Start a book club


• Re-watch Conference and write in your journal how talks apply to the value you

are working on

• Compile quotes from General Authorities about the young women’s values

• Make a conference Binder

• Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities

• Read a book by a General Authority


• Write a book, play, short stories or poetry

• Write a children’s book

• Keep a scripture journal and write in it every day

• Keep a journal and write in it every day

• Put together a devotional book

• Read “Using New Media to Support the Work of the Church” by Elder M. Russell

Ballard and start a blog

• Write letters to missionaries


• Start and keep an exercise routine

• Plan out healthy menus for your family

• Train for a half marathon

• Compile a family health history

• Keep a health journal of your diet, exercise and mood

• Start a routine of stress reducing activities

• Participate in a sport

• Learn how to dance


• Learn how to play an musical instrument

• Learn a song and sing/play it for church

• Participate in a choir or band

• Start a band

• Teach music classes and hold a recital

Baby sitting

• Baby sit for couples attending the temple

• Baby sit for monthly Relief Society meetings

• Make a baby sitting kit

• Baby sit for couples attending ward choir practice

• Baby sit for free for low income families

Needle work

• Learn how to cross-stitch

• Learn how to knit

• Learn how to crochet

• Teach a class

• Make baby hats for the NICU

Planning for your future

• Decorate your room on a budget

• Research and compile a list of possible careers

• Look at colleges you want to attend and compare them

• Take an AP class to help you prepare for college


• Put together a Family Home Evening idea book

• Plan a family reunion

• Plan a family vacation

• Baby sit siblings

• Help with extra chores

• Teach something to a younger sibling


• Grow a garden

• Be in a play

• Train a dog

• Learn sign language

• Become CPR and/or First Aid certified

• Enter a competition or contest in a skill you have developed


• Volunteer to help with activity days

• Plan and carry out a ward Halloween carnival or trunk-or-treat

• Create lesson plans for nursery

• Plan and hold a carnival for primary children


• “The Living Christ”

• Your Patriarchal Blessing

• “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”

• Scripture masteries

• An inspiring poem


• Clean and organize your room

• Clean the garage or attic

• Do your own laundry

• Organize your closet